Poor Waterflow From A Well Due To A Bad Pump

Posted on: 28 April 2022

Has it become more difficult to obtain water from your well than it was in the past? For example, when you turn on the faucet for water, does it flow out in a small stream rather than at full force? The problems that you are experiencing with the water in your home might be related to the well pump needing attention. Due to the well pump being located inside the well, it is a good idea to hire a professional to perform an inspection rather than attempting the inspection on your own. You might not know what to look for if you attempt inspecting the pump, but a water well contractor can make a diagnosis in a timely manner.

Why Would Water Pressure Drop to a Concerning Level?

A common reason for a homeowner to experience a concerning drop in water pressure is due to the well pump not bringing enough groundwater up. The problem can be related to a part of the pump being damaged, such as a valve that has become old and deteriorated. It is also possible for a well pump to develop a leak that limits the amount of water that is sent into the tank. The amount of water in the tank is what determines how much water you can obtain from the faucets in your home. In some cases, a pump needs to be repositioned in the well before water will properly flow into the tank.

Is It Possible for a Well Pump to Be Repaired?

The only way to know if a well pump can be repaired is for it to be thoroughly inspected. It is common for professionals to be able to repair well pumps by replacing damaged parts. If the pump isn't damaged, it can also become problematic from being covered in dirt and debris. You might need to get the pump cleaned by a professional. If all attempts to repair the pump fail, you will simply need to get a new pump installed inside the well.

Could a Part Other Than the Well Pump Be the Problem?

A well runs via a system of multiple parts, and any of the parts can be the root of the low water pressure problem in your home. For example, the pressure switch can be faulty and causing the well pump to malfunction. The pressure switch is a part that is located on the water tank. There might also be leaking pipes within your plumbing system that require attention.

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