Upgrade Options For Your New Vinyl Windows

Posted on: 23 March 2022

Replacing your home's old windows with new vinyl windows could improve your home's efficiency, comfort level, and value. These benefits can be achieved even with the standard, vinyl windows that most window replacement companies offer by default. There is no reason why you should have to upgrade. However, upgrading might be a good choice if you want to get even more out of your vinyl windows. What upgrade options are worth considering? Here's a look at some of the options.

Low-E Glass

Low-e glass, or low-emissivity glass, is window glass that has been coated with a special substance that allows it to reflect more heat waves than it absorbs. So, instead of passing right through your window, heat waves will be reflected back into your space during the winter. In the sun, the low-e windows work the opposite way. They reflect the heat waves back towards the outdoors, rather than allowing them in to warm up your home. Low-e glass can result in even lower energy bills than you would experience with typical vinyl replacement windows. This is because less heat escapes from your home in winter, and less heat enters your home in the summer. If energy efficiency is your top priority, this is an upgrade worth making.

Triple-Pane Glass

Most windows these days are made with two panes of glass. These dual-pane windows do a good job of reducing heat loss. The layer of air trapped between the two glass layers acts as an insulator. If you pay a little more, you can instead get triple-pane glass, which has three layers of glass and two layers of air. You won't notice too much difference in the average climate, but if you live in an area with really cold winters, this is an upgrade worth making. It will keep the areas in front of your windows from feeling chilly on those super-cold days.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is glass similar to what's used in a car windshield. It is covered in a special, plastic backing. This ensures that if the window shatters, glass does not go everywhere. Safety glass may not be necessary for the average homeowner, but if you live in a hurricane zone, it's a good option to explore. Having safety glass windows may even result in lower homeowners insurance premiums since the cleanup won't be so intense after a big storm.

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