Recommendations to Help You with Your Septic System Care and Maintenance

Posted on: 16 June 2020

Homeownership comes with a variety of responsibilities. When your home contains a septic system, you will need to understand some elements and details to ensure you can care for it properly and keep it working as well as it needs to. Here are some recommendations to help you with the care and maintenance of your home septic system.

1. Keep a Plan for Your Septic System

Whether you are the new owner of your septic system or you bought the home with an existing septic system, it is important to know where your septic system is located. When your septic professional services your tank, they will need to know where the tank and lines are if they need attention or maintenance. 

Because your septic system is buried beneath the soil in your yard, it can be easy to forget where it is located, especially if it was installed years ago or you didn't pay very good attention when the previous homeowner gave you details about the home when you purchased it and the existing septic system.

To remember the tank's location, make a basic drawing or blueprint of your yard. Draw out a diagram of the tank and where the drain field is located along with specific dimensions of the tank's location and dimensions and the leach field lines. This can help you if, for example, the tank and system are located within a large area of lawn and you may not remember its exact location. Indicating the exact distance from landmarks might be helpful as well.

2. Hire Regular Septic Services

Whenever your septic system is showing signs of problems, such as gurgling or slow-flowing waste, you need to contact your septic professional to have the problem diagnosed so they can repair it. A septic system can form a clog in the lines leading to the tank and the drain lines and also in the leach field. Cleaning out the leach field lines can be required when the tank becomes overfull of solid waste, which can happen if you don't have it pumped regularly.

So, the main part of your system's maintenance is to arrange for a septic pump service every few years, depending on your tank size and your household size. The average frequency for a septic tank pump service is every three to five years, but you might need it done every one to two years. Talk to septic tank services if you need help creating a good pumping schedule recommendation.