Tips To Choose And Install The Right New Home Siding

Posted on: 5 June 2020

The exterior of your home is under a constant barrage from the weather and sun's UV rays. Over time, your home will succumb to the elements as it begins to show wear in its roofing and siding materials, and they will need to be replaced. So when it is time to select a new siding for your home, here are some recommendations to help you look for and install the right siding product.

Look at Siding Options

There are several types of siding materials you can choose from, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, stone veneer, and engineered wood. You can choose the type of siding based on how you want your home's appearance to look or to be similar to an older siding that you are removing. For example, if your old siding was wood shakes and you enjoyed the look, you will likely opt for the same materials for your new siding.

Vinyl siding is a versatile and low-maintenance product that will look good and last for many years under the harsh conditions your local weather brings. Vinyl can be sprayed clean to remove bugs and bird droppings, as long as you use a soft-spray pressure washer tip to remove the stains. Or you can opt for aluminum siding, which has a similar look to vinyl. Vinyl and aluminum siding are available in a seamless product, which will give you a seamless surface without visible connection points over the surface of your home's exterior.

If you want the look of wood, there are many types of wood siding, such as cedar, pine, and wood shingle siding. Cedarwood siding is more resistant to insects and rot damage, so it is easier to keep looking great on your home. Some wood siding can be stained, but others can be painted over to give your home a different color in appearance. But, keep in mind that with staining or painting, it will need to be sanded, scraped, and repainted or stained to keep the siding protected from the weather.

You may also select a siding made of engineered wood, which gives you the look of real wood but holds up better in the weather and doesn't usually need to be repainted or stained. Talk to your local siding supplier for recommendations based on your home's exterior and the climate of your area.

Choose a Color

When it comes time to pick a color for your siding, your options are open to a variety of colors based on the type of siding you have purchased. For vinyl,  aluminum, and engineered wood siding, you may have multiple options and can go with a sky blue color or a deep, shaded purple color. Be sure you select the trim to coordinate with the color of your siding so the two complement each other.

After you have taken the time to select the right type of siding in an attractive and complimenting color scheme, you want it to be installed properly so it looks great. Be sure you hire an installation professional who will install the siding properly over the right insulation sheathing and guarantee their work and the product.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers siding installation services.