Why Hard Water Is So Bad

Posted on: 12 May 2020

Some water contains excessive amounts of calcium that can be very problematic for a lot of reasons. However, even minimal amounts of calcium will cause a variety of issues at some point. You can learn why calcium can be bad and what a water softener can do to help by reading this article.

Hard water can be very bad for your household appliances

When you have hard water, calcium buildup can be very damaging to your appliances. The calcium can build up in any areas where the water touches. Calcium that builds up on the inside of the dishwasher may not affect the way the dishwasher performs. However, it will also buildup in a lot of other areas that will affect its function, such as in hoses, in connections, in the holes the water comes out of, and all the other places water contacts. In some areas, the buildup can affect things by preventing water from coming out as it should, and in other areas of buildup, the buildup affects things by preventing moving parts from being able to continue moving as they should. All of your other appliances that use water can be affected in similar ways. This can leave you needing to have them repaired or replaced much sooner than you should have to do these things.

Hard water can be horrible for your plumbing

The same way that hard water can lead to calcium build up in the appliances, it can also affect the entire plumbing system and this can be problematic in more ways than one. Your plumbing pipes can end up eventually being narrowed in a way that can lead to more clogs and blockages. Also, the buildup will occur in the faucets and drains. Plus, all of the plumbing fixtures in the house can have the same issues. Your showers, tubs, and sinks will also have build up in them that is very hard for you to get rid of and this can make it a real issue to keep your house looking as clean as you would like it to.

Hard water can be rough on your things

Not only will parts of your home be at risk, but even the things you own that contact the water will suffer. Your clothes will age faster, with your whites not staying white for very long. Your dishes will also be at great risk because the calcium buildup will leave your dishes spotted and they will even break easier.


If you are tired of all of the problems that the hard water in your house is causing, then you should have a water softener put in. The water softener will remove the calcium which will put an end to all those issues.

For more information on water softeners, reach out to a contractor that can install one for you.