Leaky Sink? Avoid These Water Damage Restoration Mistakes

Posted on: 29 April 2020

Over time, even a seemingly small leak under your kitchen or bathroom sink can lead to major damage. If you've recently discovered a leak under your sink, the first obvious step is to have it repaired by a plumbing professional. Even once the leak is repaired, though, there may be lingering water damage that needs to be addressed.

As you navigate your water damage restoration timeline, there are a few common mistakes you'll need to avoid.

Attempting a DIY Dry-Out

Even if the leak seemed relatively small and contained, water can seep into the smallest of cracks and crevices. With this in mind, it's always best to call a professional water damage restoration company to make sure the affected area is completely dried out. Some homeowners make the mistake of renting large fans from a local home improvement store; while that might dry out the visible damage, there is likely to be moisture behind cabinets, walls, and possibly even under your flooring.

Not Informing Your Insurance Agent

Depending on the nature of the leak, the damage could be covered by your home insurance policy. This is often the case if the leak has been found to be unavoidable, and if you acted quickly to have it repaired. It is important to report the damage as soon as possible, though, so you can begin the claims process. If your water damage is covered, your insurance company should pay not just for the drying out of the affected space, but mitigation and restoration work as well.

Choosing the Wrong Restoration Service

Not all water damage restoration companies are created equal; take time to read third-party reviews and carefully research a company before you trust them with their restoration work. Be sure to ask not only for an estimate but for a detailed timeline as well. Depending on the extent of your water damage, you may need cabinets, flooring, and even countertops replaced; find out whether your restoration company has their own in-house teams to handle this work or if they contract it out. Ideally, they'll have their own professionals working on your home.

Dealing with water damage from a leaky sink can be a real headache, but when you act quickly and work with the right professionals, you can have things back to normal in no time. And hopefully, you won't need to pay anything out-of-pocket except for maybe your insurance deductible.

For more information, reach out to a water damage restoration company near you.