Choosing the Right Materials and Improvements for Your Next Roof Installation

Posted on: 20 April 2020

As your asphalt shingles begin to wear and need constant repairs, you should start planning on having them replaced. Your roof replacement project will require planning and inspection of your current roofing materials to decide which repairs and improvements need to be done. The following guide will help you get started planning your roof replacement, choosing materials, and improving the design of your roof:

1. Contact a Roofing Contractor to Begin the Inspection

The first thing you need to do is to contact a residential roof replacement contractor. They should inspect your roof to identify damage and flaws in the design or installation that cause wear. The roofing contractor can temporarily fix minor damage and recommend improvements that should be done during the roof replacement project.

2. Get a Project Estimate

There are a lot of extra costs that you will need to budget for when replacing roofing because it is more than installing new shingles. Therefore, you will want to get an estimate from your roofer that includes the costs of tearing off old shingles, repairing damage, and installing the new roofing materials. If you plan on doing things like tearing off shingles and repairs on your own, you can get separate estimates for this work, but it is usually better to let the contractor do all the work.

3. Decide on Which Improvements and Repairs You Want to be Done 

Once you have removed the shingles and exposed the old roof decking, there are going to be repairs that need to be done. Make sure that any damage from leaks is repaired and the contractors handle changes to the watershed and design of the roof that you are planning during the replacement project. Once the contractor knows what you want, they can get right to work. 

4. Choose the Right Underlayment and Moisture Barrier

There are a lot of choices of modern underlayments that can be used when replacing your shingles. You may want to consider installing new decking with a foil backing or rigid insulated sheathing below the moisture barrier to improve the efficiency of your home. You will also want to choose a modern moisture barrier that will protect wood decking from moisture and condensation beneath the shingles.

5. Choose the New Roofing Materials

When you are replacing asphalt shingles, you have a lot of choices of modern roofing materials that can be used. You may want to consider premium asphalt shingles that are more durable and have a longer guarantee than the old roofing. You could also consider synthetic alternatives that provide a more durable, environmentally-friendly solution.

These are the steps that you will need to go through to start planning a roof replacement and choosing the improvements and materials that need to be used. If your old shingles are needing constant repairs, contact a residential roofing contractor ‚Äčto inspect your roof and get an estimate for replacing the shingles.