3 Septic System Issues To Watch Out For

Posted on: 14 April 2020

If you've never had a septic system before, you may not have much information about how to take care of one. It works just like the city sewer system, except you are in charge of the system itself, including getting it repaired and having it emptied. Besides that, all of your home's waste is sitting in a large tank below ground in your own yard. If you have a septic tank, you're going to need to watch out for issues. Read on for a few issues you're going to need to watch out for.

1. Flooded Leach Field

If the leach field is flooded, it could be a problem with too much waste in your septic tank. If your septic tank is flooded, it is going to need somewhere to go. It's eventually going to go into your yard. If your leach field is flooded, you have waste in your yard, which can be a health hazard for you and your family. It means you're going to need to have your septic tank emptied. If your leach field floods too much, that flooding is going to end up coming into your home at some point as well.

2. Gurgling In Your Toilet

If you hear gurgling in your toilet when you flush, or you have slow drainage in your drains elsewhere in your home, it could mean your septic system is full and needs to be emptied. This is one of the earlier signs that your tank is getting full and needs to be emptied. If you notice your drains are emptying slowly, you need to call a septic company to have your tank emptied or, at the very least, have it checked.

3. Foul Odors Around The Leach Field

A septic tank could emit foul odors if there is a problem such as a leak in the tank or if there's an issue such as it is full. If you're noticing foul odors that were't present before, it may be an issue with your system. Call a septic company for help. Have the system inspected and be sure it isn't leaking or have any other issues.

These are just a few of the issues to keep an eye out for with your septic system. If you aren't sure how to care for your system, talk to a septic service like LP Murray about other things to keep an eye out for and for other care and maintenance tips, such as when to have it emptied and how to check that it is full.