Is A Basement Mold Remediation Project In Your Future?

Posted on: 13 April 2020

Hiring a basement mold remediation contractor is an appropriate investment to make in protecting your house. You may be wondering, though, what are the signs a building requires basement mold remediation. Here are 5 indicators you ought to pay attention to.


Mold often appears as fuzzy spots that appear on surfaces that supply sufficient moisture. These spots can be black, dark green, or dark blue. They're usually fairly circular unless they've formed in cracks of crevices.

Common locations for spots include basement walls, the ceiling, and even stored wooden items. It's a good idea, for example, to take a look at the bottom of every table or chair you keep in your basement.


Just because you don't see patches of mold doesn't mean it isn't present. Funky smells are often associated with basements, especially ones that aren't regularly used. However, it's wise to assume every musty smell coming from your basement is worthy of a professional inspection. You may find mold hiding in areas like high corners where you can't easily take a look. Also, smells can frequently find their way into air vents and ducts, so you may even notice them upstairs when the problem is in the basement.


It's especially common for folks who live in mold-infested buildings to experience repeated illnesses. Some people readily dismiss these issues as allergies. If you notice, for example, that the problem goes away when the windows are open, there's a good chance you need to do some basement mold remediation work. Likewise, persistent conditions, such as a cold that never seems to go away, are probably signs there's mold somewhere in your home.


If you have walls made of drywall or sheetrock, you might notice some staining. This also can occur when there are water treatment products on the wall. In some cases, you might even see materials flaking off and dropping to the floor. Any of these is a potential sign that mold may be lurking behind walls and materials.


This is more of a problem that tends to co-exist with mold. Simply put, mold spores love water. That means the presence of condensation in a basement represents an ideal breeding ground for mold. Even if you don't see any other signs of mold problems, it's wise to assume that condensation will give rise to mold. A basement mold remediation contractor can point you toward solutions, such as fixing the HVAC system or improving the ventilation in the house.

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