Five Reasons To Replace Your Siding

Posted on: 6 April 2020

The siding on your home not only protects your house from the outside elements, but it also is the main factor that influences the appearance of your home. You want to make sure the siding is in good shape for both of these reasons. The following are signs that it is time to consider siding replacement for your home.

1. Rot Issues

Wooden siding can develop rot as it ages, especially if the paint has begun to wear off. If the wood is soft or if paint refuses to adhere to the siding any longer, then water damage has likely begun to occur. Water damage to the interior of your home also becomes more likely when the siding begins to rot.

2. Warped Vinyl

Vinyl siding doesn't rot, but it may begin to warp as it reaches the end of its life. Warping can occur due to age, weathering, or from heat exposure, such as if a grill is used too near the home. Warped siding isn't just unattractive, it also is no longer properly sealed. This means that moisture can seep behind the warped siding panels more easily, resulting in damages inside your home.

3. Cracks and Holes

Any type of siding can suffer from cracks and holes. Wood siding, for example, can crack due to age or from outside damage, such as damage caused by woodpeckers. Vinyl siding can develop cracks due to warping, as well as from force — such as from a wayward baseball or a hail storm. Patching the damage can be difficult, especially if it is widespread, so replacement could be the best option.

4. Interior Damages

Sometimes the siding looks fine on the outside, but hidden leaks could already be causing interior damage. If you begin to notice water spots on your walls, bubbling paint, or loose wallpaper, then moisture could be seeping in through your siding. A siding contractor can inspect your home to see if the siding is to blame. If it is, then replacement of the siding and water damage mitigation may be necessary.

5. Aesthetic Concerns

Damage isn't the only reason to consider siding replacement. Age can affect the appearance of siding, especially older vinyl siding. Weathering and UV radiation can cause the color to fade unevenly. Since vinyl is difficult to successfully repaint, replacement with newer fade-resistant vinyl siding may be the best repair option.

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