What Features To Consider When Buying Replacement Residential Windows

Posted on: 3 April 2020

Looking to buy replacement windows to improve your home's overall comfort and save energy? It may feel overwhelming shopping for windows, with you not knowing the differences between all the different types available. That's why it will help to know what features to look for to make a more informed choice. 

Material Choice

Your first decision should be what kind of material the window is made of. Your main two options are going to be wood and vinyl, but less popular options include fiberglass and aluminum. Every style has their own trade off in terms of price, maintenance, and energy efficiency. Many homeowners select vinyl windows due to it being affordable and providing excellent energy efficiency, while wood wins out in terms of aesthetics while also being a great insulator. 


When replacing windows within your home, many people replace a style with a similar style to keep the look the same. However, now is the time to make some changes if you are replacing all of the windows in your home. Consider upgrading from a single hung window to a double hung window to make the window easier to use, or even changing things up to a casement window. Wide living room windows can be transformed into a bay window to give you some extra seating in your home. 


Many people stick to using a white window due to being able to reflect the heat from the sun in the summer, making your home more energy efficient. However, you are free to pick any color window that you want to go with the style of your home. While wood windows can be painted later on, you have the option for them to be painted prior to installation. Vinyl windows can be manufactured in the color that you want so that you never have to worry about painting the surface again. 

Glass Panes

There are many options when it comes to the glass that goes into the windows. Double pane glass is pretty much a standard these days due to the argon gas that goes between the panes and reduces heat transfer. However, you can also have low-e window coatings applied to the glass to reduce how much UV light gets into your home, which cools it down in the summer. Triple pane glass is also an option for additional energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Not sure what choices you should be making when purchasing new windows? Work closely with a residential window installation company for their help.